Approach To Discipline Case Study

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Introduction Teaching can be a rewarding profession, but it can also be a cause of stress for some. Conflicts arise in any situation where groups of people are placed together. A classroom filled with students will inevitably face conflicts. How the teacher approaches and solves these will determine the outcome of feeling successful or stressed. Managing a classroom full of students of any age can be difficult. It can be more challenging if that classroom consists of children who have not learned the skills needed to understand, express, and manage their own emotions. Children in preschools and daycares have not reached the stage of development that allows them to have achieved this. This makes them prime candidates for …show more content…

Through the process of doing this, she is helping to shape the future of the next generation. In 1996, she founded the company Loving Guidance, Inc of which she is the president. Through her company, she has offered the opportunity for others to be trained in the program she created known as Conscious Discipline. In addition to making television appearances, holding seminars, and creating multiple videos, she has written 14 books that focus on parenting, guiding, and disciplining children. Her approach to discipline is unlike others that often focus on the negative aspect of what the child has done and punishing them for it. Dr. Becky Bailey began focusing on the positives in life at age 16 when she was involved in a car accident that almost took her life. She strives to teach others how to take a negative situation or behavior and turn it around to have a positive outcome. By teaching children to self-regulate themselves, placing a punishment on them is unnecessary. Celebrating the successes that are seen, no matter how little will help to build a child’s esteem and guide them toward healthier relationships with others. Conscious Discipline: The foundation Conscious Discipline is a program being used by many schools and daycares as a classroom management tool. The focus of Conscious Discipline is to teach adults who care for children in any capacity how to help these children

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