The Importance Of Teaching Ethics In Education

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It is hard but significant to teaching ethics in study In all ages, education is the most important thing for people and promotes the development of society. Parents expect high quality education for their children and hope their children become successful in the future. However, student should not only study formal knowledges and skills. It is also essential to learn ethics. Ethics is the study of how to recognize what is wrong and what is right. (Gülcan, 2015, p1) Education teaches people how to be a good worker, but ethics teaches people how to respect and be respected by others. Unfortunately, only few of people get ethics education during their study time. When they grow up, most of them have the ability to deal with the questions on textbook, but do not know how to face the problems about ethics. This essay illustrates the importance of teaching student ethics. At the same time, ethics study is always filled with challenge.
Ethics study can lead children to be a person who can judge right from wrong in the future. It means school teaches students ethics can help them become more successful and students can choose the right way easier. Both Isdale (2015, p3) and Gülcan (2015,p3) agree that ethics should be involved in study to help students face moral problems. Ethics can teach them how to solve the problem better, avoid them to get into the wrong way when they are allured. According to Isdale (2015), just few of people will face the problem of what they have ever

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