The Importance Of The American Education System In The United States

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The education system in the United States has fluctuated dramatically throughout generations and has metamorphosed into a system accommodating diversity. All throughout history, we have grown together as a country to allow to feel as if we are wanted and needed in an environment safe for self-reliance. These historical improvements within society coincide with the expansion of acceptance in public schooling, creating a diverse educational outlook on individual student accommodations.
The education system in the United States has long been a topic of controversy. Since the beginning of civilization, many children were not permitted to a full-time public schooling experience. Women were not allowed a public form of education until the early 1900s’. Depending on the color of your skin limited many children the right of attending public schooling that continued until the 1960’s. There was one specific group of children that were segregated from the participation in public educational programs up until the 1970s and 1980s. An integration phase occurred in the 1970’s within the education system. Students that had certain learning disabilities and special specific accommodations needed for a successful learning outcome were mainstreamed into general education programs. Thus, these children being the last minority group to gain the right to a traditional public education. Universal education is a model of the United States public education system and in today’s society, every

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