The Importance Of The Law In The Court Of Law

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each change or amendment and then voting for it to see if it should be added to the law. To help make the best decisions they could be professionals in the room with them so that the decision in the end. They would be examining every single line of it before it becomes an act of parliament. The royal accent is where the queen signs the bill so it can become an official law. Once the bill has been completed in every other stage it will be ready to receive the royal assent. The royal accent is where the queen formally agrees to be able to make the bill a law. Once the royal assent has been given to the bill there will be an announcement in both of the houses. This will be done by the lord speaker in the house of lord and the speaker in the …show more content…

A disadvantage to this is that is can create loopholes in the law meaning the people will be free. Another disadvantage is that this follows what the law is saying but it doesn’t actually follow what the law was originally intended for. This rule works well for keeping the parliament the supreme law maker as it is not changed or altered in any way when in the courts, but it is not an effective method use to judge a case as it can crate large loop holes where people are able to walk free. This is not fair as it can stop people being properly justified for their crimes. For example R vs Bentham, the defendant was able to lose the charges of possessing a firearm as The defendant did not actually have one despite giving the impression of having one. A different type of rule that could have been used in the court for this case is the golden rule. The golden rule is where the judge will not take the law that it is refereeing to literally and give it some leeway to avoid an absurd result. In the case of R VS Bentham the golden rule could have been used as it would have changed the outcome from the literal rule. In this rule he could have been found guilty as he may not have carried a gun but he was faking having one which could fall under the Firearms Act 1968. One advantage if this is that if there are any loopholes in the law that people could exploit, they can be closed so people do not get away with some crimes. Another advantage if this is that it

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