The Importance Of The Older Generation

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I will probably upset ninety percent of the population over the age of thirty with my next statement, so with that said, I over my life time have come to believe there are many lessons older generations can learn from mine; also referred to as the millennials. My generation consists of anyone born from 1995-2005, and there is no shortage of criticism from the older population on our faults and life choices. Every move forward my generation seems to make is met with a huge wave of resistance coming from the rest of the citizens in America. This is where if the older generations were willing to give our unconventional ways just a second of attention they may be surprised and learn a thing or two from us growing up in this era. Some of the main things I believe they could benefit from learning from us is the fact that technology is not going anywhere and they should learn to love it as it continues to advance. They should not measure their life success based on money but instead of happiness and how complete they feel within themselves. No one should get too busy with work or stressed over living that they forget it is fine to relax and have fun every now and then. Another big lesson is they could learn to be more open minded and accepting of everyone around them, including everyone in the LGBTQ+ community as well as people of different races. My generation is also a lot more cynical than the older population which usually comes with a negative connotation but I believe you
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