The Importance Of The Philosophy Of Science

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focus on knowledge necessary to continue learning. Productive citizens possess an understanding of moral standards, communicate clearly, and use information effectively to solve problems and become leaders in their communities. “Political efficacy is not necessarily a matter per se of what to think; it is more fundamentally about how to think” (Snauwaert, Importance of the Philosophy of Science, 2012). A pedagogical view allows the students to reflect upon their activities to solve a scientific puzzle which can stimulate the learning process for future endeavors. Students can't just learn science content and engage in lab experiments; they need frameworks that allow them to pull these activities together in a meaningful way …show more content…

The students had to rely on the facts presented to create and prove or disprove the flight distance of their hypothesis. The students had basic knowledge of physics and air flight and had to justify their experimentation. Understanding the claim that the future will resemble the past because of how the students are taught and that the process of induction is a circular form of reasoning. Science has to offer excitement towards learning, teaching how to communicate the language in the form a student understands is the key. By our very nature, learning involves teachers that collaborate with their students will provide a place of comfort and learning for all. The teacher needs to learn how to improve instruction and support students in the classroom with communication and collaboration. If communication doesn’t exist, then the students will fall behind and cause issues in the classroom. Finding the strengths and weakness out together will have a strong learning impact in the teacher-student relationship. In the end, learning progression might not be nice and linear (Shavelson, 2009). The progression might be a tangled web of ideas waiting to be detangled by the teacher and student learner. Progression of knowledge with classroom relationships will lead to academic success. Relationships with collaboration will provide feedback to the

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