The Importance Of The Special Education Identification Process

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Describe how the special education identification process works, including the prereferral and the Response to Intervention systems.
There are different steps of the special education identification process. A prereferral is often the first step in the special education identification process. It is used before placing a student in special education placement. When Ms. Tupper was concerned about Marty’s inconsistencies in school, poor reading and writing, trouble completing assignments, she put in a request to for assistance from a teacher assistance team. (Salend, 2016, pg 35) According to our supplementary packet, a multidisciplinary team called the Committee on Special Education can be used during this step. Once the referral is processed, the team will be implemented and will begin to gather information about the student. The team will then collaborate and set goals and select interventions to best meet the needs of the child. Ms. Tupper and the team agreed to accommodations to help Marty such as daily report cards and a moved seat. The team would then monitor the interventions and if they were helping Marty succeed or not. Response to intervention is another part of the special education process. Marty’s team recorded Marty’s progress in reading and writing. Response to intervention involves monitoring assessments and data on the child to see if the interventions are helping or if other individualized instruction is necessary. (Salend, 2016, pg 38) After the Response to

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