The Importance Of Theory Of Nursing

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The Importance of Theory Christi McDonald Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 501: Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice March, 2016 The Importance of Theory Since I have been a nurse I never really gave much thought about any of the theories I learned in nursing school, I guess I was just so happy to finish. However, as years have expired and find myself back in school furthering my education, now I recall the importance of nursing theories. As many people or should I say nurses frequently tend to define various words through their experiences. So for the lack of cohesiveness, according to Parker & Smith (2010), a ‘theory is a frame of reference on how individuals view reality.’ A more formal definition states that a ‘theory is a group of interrelated concepts, assumptions, and propositions that explains or guides the actions of nurses in their profession (CNN, week2). The theorist I chose to discuss is Betty Neuman’s Systems Model and how her model relates to nursing. The Importance of Nursing Theory As the professional world of nursing has progressed in many ways and made its mark in today’s society, without nursing theories we could easily regress to the place that nursing existed before WWII, under the umbrella of medicine. Theories tend to ‘direct or guide the thinking of a nurse as tasks are performed with some type of rationale as to why these tasks are performed instead of just taking orders from physicians’ (McEwen & Willis, 2014). However, just
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