The Importance Of Vaccines And Its Effect On Children

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The Importance of Vaccines Having a baby utterly changes the perspective of the parent. They no longer are self- involved, but now have this new life they brought into the world. Nothing else can give a person the same joy that being a parent can bring. A parent would do anything for their child to protect them and give them the best life imaginable. A parent would never wish an illness upon their child and would do everything in their power to prevent their child from getting sick. With having this outlook, why would parents knowingly choose to not vaccinate their children if it means it could protect them from unseen evils. Some children are not able to get vaccinated due to medical conditions and due to that they have a weak immune system that is incredibly vulnerable to infections. Everyday that these children go to school they are put at a prodigious risk for contacting a disease that could compromise their immune system and their lives. By implementing a vaccination requirement in all public schools we will be able to better protect our children. Vaccines are important for a number of reasons, three of which I will discuss. Getting your child immunized can save their life, immunizations help to protect our future generations, and lastly we all have a public health commitment to our community to protect each other and our children by staying current on our vaccinations. Many parents might be frightened from what they read online or from celebrities, such as Jenny
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