The Importance Of Writing And Writing

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A lot of people have something that comes easily to them. Everyone has a passion for something. And everyone has something that they believe in. We are all someone. Who are we? Who am I?

I am Keira Collins and I am a writer and I love to help people whenever I can. Writing comes naturally to me. Every since I was eight years old, I’ve had a passion to write. Now I’m trying to write my own book and my goal is to become a published author by twelve years old. I also love to help people. If somebody needs something from me, I will try to help them as best I can. I am passionate about reading and writing, and I love to swim and dance. I have been swimming for about a year now and I’m getting better every day.

I took a test saying that I am an Idealist. Idealists are abstract and passionate about the things they do. They like to use their imaginations and they like to write and work hard. I feel like the definition of an Idealist is kind of like who I am. It was really interesting to read about an Idealist.

I plan to change the world by writing a meaningful book that will inspire people to do things that they love to do. A lot of people don’t have the courage to do something that could really help the world, so I would like to write a book about how to take that first step forward. Right now, I’m more interested in fiction books, but when I am older I think I could write that book.

I am a Matcher and I like to give things to people and help them, but other times I want

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