The Importance Of Writing In Nursing

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As nurses, one of the most important parts of our job includes our documentation. Documentation must be clear, concise, timely, and able to show the care provided for each patient with a few small clicks. After reading the different articles on professional and scholarly writing these experiences nurses deal with need to be shared. These stories are meant to educate, whether that be on a positive or negative outcome. Writing within nursing never seemed like an important staple of the career. When reflecting on myself as a writer professionally emailing superiors and co-workers is a strong skill. Charting on the job is rigorous—being young and growing up with technology makes this fast and time efficient. Furthermore, when writing papers the famous “writers block” tends to get in the way. Writing becomes frustrating after several attempts to continue a paper. Stepping away from the assignment for longer period of time helps to clear my head.
With the education, advanced communication, and critical thinking skills, nurses should be some of the best writers on the market. So, why don’t more write? According to Heinrich (2009), nurses are scared to share their stories publicly in fear of sounding selfish and being criticized by their fellow co-workers. The next step is to break the silence and realize that sharing our knowledge is extremely helpful for the potential of future nursing practice.
When reading it has come to my attention that published nurses are what continue to

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