The Importance Of Written Channels Of Communication In Education

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They are the most commonly used of channels of communication in education they are of great important because they provide retrievably records of what has been communicated to various units of the communities concerned. They include memoranda of which is a short statement, report or note telling who the message is from and who is being directed to a pre-pointed form), reports that are official account written on the basis of investigation of incident, press release are often used by the public service to inform the public concerning the outcome of certain issue others. Include press conference, executive other Gazettes, letters and pamphlets, handbooks news -letters etc.
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I mostly use memoranda, reports letters and pamphlets. In the case of memoranda, my husband provide a board at home where most important issues are written and pasted every Monday and Friday everybody looks forward to seeing the following days in other to see how the week will go goals to achieve that week and responsibilities writes a report of how the events went and passed to the father who compiles all hoping to make a decision from them. Social Context
The importance of written channels of communication cannot over-emphasized. With them,information passed to the community can be recorded for further references. They must be a full use in every organization employees know about information on promotions, transfers

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