The Importance Of Your Personal Data?

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Duncan Mills
Period 3 English
Junior Research Paper Rough Draft
The Importance Of Your Personal Data
Did you know that you have an online profile? No; not just a Facebook profile or Instagram profile, but rather a very detailed dossier, with information including your full name, age, gender, address, occupation, income, phone number, IP address, hobbies, interests, physical and mental health issues, places you frequent, social media accounts, and much much more. Surprised yet? That 's just the start. With the rise of newer, more portable technology, the internet has rapidly started to play a very crucial part in our everyday lives; we can search where the nearest coffee shop is, buy and sell things, message friends, share thoughts, pictures, and videos, watch movies, play games, browse forums- the possibilities are nearly endless, and it is all at our fingertips; however there is a catch... Your every move is being tracked by data brokers, and nothing is sacred. Just by a few clicks, a personal profile, or dossier, can be built up, and sold for money, behind your back, and without your permission. With Edward Snowden exposing the NSA 's data logging technology in June 2013, the debate on internet privacy has been brought into the light, and many provoking questions have arisen. Is it right to let companies take your data without your permission? Should they legally have to tell you? Is this a violation of the 4th amendment? Should you have the right to opt-out? Is your

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