The Importance On Technology

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Synthesis Essay Draft 1 There comes a time where schools did not have the luxury to access computers and other electronic devices. Due to the advancements in technology, society today have become more dependent on them such that those who use them in their everyday lives have become increasingly complacent. In this case, students are relying too much on the internet to do their schoolwork. Anything can be found in the internet, causing students to easily find the answer to their homework problem as opposed to figuring it out themselves. Students in today’s society have become too lax and complacent when it comes to the utilization of external resources such that it enables them to not think for themselves and rather obtain their answers instead of learning how to get to the answer. The heavy reliance on technology poses a threat to developing minds of the millennials, disabling them from thinking for themselves. The students are not the one to blame. They are born in an environment where technology exists everywhere around them. In a society where answers are easy to access on the internet, students can possess a fixed mindset void of critical thinking, enabling them to think that there is only one answer to a rhetorical question based on what they have gathered from the internet. As Blanche Williams stated in his article explaining ways in how internet sources such as Cliff Notes have affected society, “We are so programmed to someone giving us the answers that it’s

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