The Importance in Having a Mentor for Becoming a Better Leader

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The insights I gained from this exercise on the development of a leaders’ moral character is that through hard work, ethics, and determination anyone can be successful at being a leader. We must learn from mistakes and reprimand ourselves when we fall behind our best performance. Malinda states "The development of a leader of moral character must include confidence, charisma, determination, wise, detailed, organized and patience." I concur with this statement I exhibit many of these traits. A verse on moral character is one Corinthians 15:33 in the English Standard Version Bible which states “Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals.” In addition, seeing Mrs. Potier in her work atmosphere enables me to see how she solves problems …show more content…

My first report helped identify the mentor and her background. Malinda is a grounds keeper for the city if Norfolk she must run a tight ship with her crew leaders. She keeps them on their toes making sure that each is using their workers to their full potential. My first report also had the interview questions. In my second report we see the answers to the interview and the GLOBE test that both Mrs. Potier and I took. Malinda said "I thought it was easy and I tried to understand how you would grade it and what it would say about my behavior. I do not mind you sharing your information with your classmates." Having Mrs. Potier takes the quiz and me seeing how similar our answers are. It made me feel like I was even closer to being a good leader since Mrs. Potier’s answers were similar to my own. This exercise has enabled my leader skills to evolve as well as my moral values/ character. I have grown as a leader by learning to be patient and working hard and finishing task ahead of time so I won't fret when sick. Growing as a leader is being able to solve problems with little assistance. Being able to take what we learn from this class and using it in our workplace will help run a more productive work place. In addition, this course and exercise has enabled me to grow and change the ways I run my organization/business. These exercises will change my ways by staying ahead of my competition. In addition, I will use traits of a leader to help run a more efficient and

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