The Importance of Continual Learning

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The Importance of Continual Learning
Whether you are a toddler taking your first steps or a CEO of a major corporation, continual learning has to be apart of your life. Continual learning is the constant development of complex behaviors with no final end in mind and the process of learning ever more complicated skills by building on those skills already developed (Ring, 1994).
The importance of continual learning in a professional environment is crucial to the success of your career. Continual learning provides the human capital for your background and determines how much of an asset you are to the company.
Continual learning in your professional life makes you more valuable to your company, increases your skill levels, and enhances …show more content…

Returning to school to get your degree in a career field can help you move ahead into management positions within your company. Without a college degree, you can reach a stopping point in your career that can easily lead to negative production. You start to question your worth to the company and contemplate leaving to fill the void of

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