The Importance of Music In Marketing Techniques

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Music has become an important part of the marketing tool’s extent, with the compound usage of TV and radio as the mean of communicating with the consumers.
Music can serve universal promotional goals in one or more of several capacities. The classic "jingle" is the most common musical technique for aiding memorability and thus product recall. Some of the biggest products and companies in the world are successful solely because of the customer satisfaction, this is also because the customers like a particular jingle/music in an advertisement the brand produced. An intimate jingle/music catches the customer's attention and makes them think twice about a product; and a bad jingle might make a company famous for the wrong reasons, or persuade people from looking at a certain brand. The usage of music and jingles in marketing has proven to be of importance. It helps to create the product or brand’s image and it also helps, together with all of the other marketing tools to promote the product and to make it memorable for the consumers. (Shimp & Andrews, 2013 pp 65-66)
One of the important aspects in music in advertising is the ‘music fit’ or the degree of congruity between the advertisement and song content. Marketing and music can definitely agree. This involvement refers to the amount of attention directed toward the advertisement and its content. It can be implied or directly stated, changing the way in which background music interacts with advertisement viewing or listening.

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