The Importance of Providing Students with Physical Education Classes

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The importance of providing students with physical education classes. COM 156 April 10, 2011 Student athletes should be required to take physical education classes like the rest of the school. The very important values that students learn through physical education classes are something that sports cannot teach. If schools do consider an exemption, they must decide what to include in their exemption status. The main role of a student is to learn during his time at school is to learn. Students that are exempt from physical education often do not have to fill the extra time in their schedule with any meaningful classes. Until there is an effective way for students to gain the education outside of the classroom exemptions are hard…show more content…
Physical education classes provide the opportunity to develop a variety of skills. When students play sports only a select group of skills are developed. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education suggestion instruction that includes “Instruction in a variety of motor skills that are designed to enhance the physical, mental, and social/emotional development of every child” (NASPE, 2003a). The National Association for Sports and Physical Education has a membership that consists of educators and administrators. One of the main goals of the organization is to improve and support high standards in physical education. Their definition shows that Physical education develops more than just the body. It is important that students also have the opportunity to develop emotional and social skills gained through physical education classes. If the students do not receive these skills it can have a negative effect over their lifetime. Students exempt from physical education classes will often have the opportunity to have another study hall. A study hall is a time during school when students who do not have required class in that time period go for that time frame. When I was a student I had many study halls during my high school career. My school did not offer any exception for playing sports the only study halls I had were after all the graduation requirements were met. I had a great deal of time to see
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