The Importance of Self Confidence

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Self Confidence
Ajan Raghunathan Self-confidence is the confidence one has in oneself, one’s knowledge, and one’s abilities. It is the confidence of the type: "I can do this". " I have the ability to do this". Self-confidence is the one thing that is much more important than many other abilities and traits. If you do not have self-confidence, what you do will never become fruitful at all. The fruits of what you do without self-confidence are lost.
Genuine self-confidence is the forerunner of achievements. Self-confidence integrates the powers of mind and body and focuses them towards the goal. Only such a concentrated energy can reach the goal.
Self-confidence is the first step to progress, development, achievement and success. Even …show more content…

Start to act confidently and positively. Write down all your positives, strengths, virtues. Write down the recent successes and achievements you had. Keep the list with yourself and append it whenever possible.
5. Friends and Peers
6. Mingle yourself with people who are optimistic, positive and active. Work with those who have confidence in themselves and in yourself. Avoid the company of those who destroy your Self-confidence and enthusiasm.
7. As – If Technique
8. Act

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