The Importance of the Domestic Partnerships Bill Essay

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Many women were neglected and were exposed to abusive relationships because they were seen as inferior to the men. Another instance of abuse or domestic violence stems from relationships such as domestic partnerships as a result children were also neglected because of their mother’s neglection and abuse. Women were also forced not to have a right of their own will in the past society. Another possible reason for the abuse is women were faced with a patriarchal society. Access to the court systems and education also play a vital role in the protection of women. Women are therefore now striving for the legal rights and equality that they deserve. It is therefore a right and responsibility of men and the law to protect women and children. The…show more content…
There have been many issues raised on the Marriage Act of 1961 inconsideration to the Act not meeting certain requirements and the amendment of the Act. An investigation into the review of the marriage Act thus proceeded and the project was divided into two sets, the first project was concerned with technical issues in the marriage act and the second with domestic partnerships. During the investigation there were two judgments that were passed inconsideration to domestic partnerships. The constitutional court rulings passed two judgments in favor of domestic partnerships, one of the judgments were from the case of Volks N.O v Robinson. Other vital reasons for the establishment of the act are due to migrant workers. Most men leave rural areas for better employment with regard to finance. Therefore women and children are vulnerable members in our society and when the family breaks up they often suffer financially.
In marriage and domestic partnerships women were often in situations whereby they felt inferior to men. Some of the reasons to women’s vulnerability in the partnership are due to:
 The fact that women are economically weaker because they do not have employment. They also are responsible for housework and taking care of children; on the other hand men work and acquire wealth and property.
 Due to gender many women are exposed to violence in the relationship
 Due to the insufficiency of welfare services in south Africa, the
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