The Inca Empire

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The Inca empire was one of the most advanced technology empires during the period of 1400 to 1533 C.E. The Inca Civilization thrive on the ancient Andean region of South America. By the end, their empire spread across the western South America from Quito in the North to Santiago to the South. Up until, its conquest by Spanish military in the 1530s. In this course of time, Incas were facing some slumps and success moments.
Incas made their home high in the mountains, about 11,000 feet above the sea level. Inca built bridges in between the mountain peaks and over the deep gorges. They never invented the wheels, the only way to travel through these bridges was the animals that carry food. Inca empire was developed in a long strip stretch through …show more content…

Conquering nearby lands and reorganize the government. In the period of 1438 A.D. Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui becomes the leader of the Inca. He begins to conquer nearby tribes and expand the control of the Inca Empire. He reorganizes the government into the Tawantinsuyu and builds the city of Machu Picchu. Seeing that the Incas were very strict with the laws and punishments, every crime had a severe punishment. Unlike other places, the Inca empire had low crime rates. If you made a mistake for the first time, then you would get a scolding by the government. If you had a second offense, then it would lead to death by hanging, stoning or by pushing the person off a cliff. The death penalty was given for killing, robbing, taking other people’s belongings or going into the rooms of the Chosen Women. Laziness, which is considered as a serious crime, it is punishable by death. Additionally, Rules also applied to people that were old or people with disabilities. For example, even if a man is old and they aren’t usually strong enough to work for a job, the government still demanded for their tax so they had to collect firewood and other similar tasks. For disabled people, who also does not have power to work, according to the rules, they had to do something that was different and something they wouldn’t affect the empire. Assuming that a man is blind, he has to clean cotton or remove the husk maize. Another law for the disabled was that they weren’t allowed to marry anyone with the same

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