The Influence Of Distort Reality On World Maps

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1. The author Laura Hebert argues that maps must distort reality on world maps in order to be accurate about the world all over. Hebert states, “projections sacrifice absolute accuracy in any particular domain in order to be relatively accurate in all domains.” Projections including Mercator, the Peters, the Robinson, and the Goode's, all have their strong points however each projection doesn't work to perfect one particular area of maps. For example, instead of working to perfect navigation, projections may sacrifice the accuracy of navigation to achieve overall accuracy on maps. In other words, maps must distort reality to show us the greater truth.
2. Map projections are methods for representing the surface of the earth and it's shape.
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From the age of five, we have been studying maps, trying to understand what the world appears as and what covers it's surface. Since then, we have relied on maps as the most reliable primary sources to prove context in geography. I had never thought maps were inaccurate. They were the one poster in history that made classes much easier and simpler. However, this article popped the bubble of perfect accuracy maps floated in. Although the distortions in maps aren't massive, they still prevent us from calling maps accurate. Because, let's face it, simple is not simple. Maps are meant to be simple and easy to read to help understand geography. However, what we tend to ignore is that maps are far from simple. They are complicated projections that behold lies and distortions to seem simple and overall accurate. Indeed, they do make life much easier by presenting an overall view of the world, saving us the whole trouble of “Curiosity Kills”. But the consecutive years of learning the world is what the map shows makes it hard to believe that maps may be guilty of false authenticity. I never bothered to think that maybe every line and shape on the map is not as shown; maybe a line of longitude is presented one barn left of it's original location on this wonderful world. This article has definitely made me reconsider the accuracy of maps as well as the reliability of many other primary geographical sources we deem…show more content…
The American Diet: Fast food has altered American diet as the author states, “three hamburgers and four orders of french fries every week”, is what a typical American consumes. Fast food is now consumed at any place, including schools, zoos, stadiums, airports, you name it. In fact, eating fast food has fit in so well to the routines of typical Americans that walking into the same restaurant everyday, probably even more than once, no longer passes as a disturbing thought. The McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants that serves around 68 million customers daily. This means that more than half a billion people walk into McDonald's everyday to eat their meal of the day. Whether people notice it or not, the American Diet has irrevocably changed. The Paleolithic diet consisted of foods such as meat, nuts and berries. All foods of that time were unprocessed and organic as ever. Today, however, the American diet adopts the exact opposite foods than those of the Paleolithic diet. Every meal served at a fast food restaurant is processed and unhealthy to the point of killing. And it isn't only the cooking process that makes these foods unhealthy but also the canned manufacturing process that takes place before the food even reaches the restaurant. There is no doubt that the American Diet is warped as it no longer assists us in maintaining our health but rather assists in deteriorating it while simultaneously leaving us in deep shadows of
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