The Influence Of Nature And Nurture On An Individual 's Intelligence

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INTRODUCTION The following research shows the influence of nature and nurture on an individual 's intelligence. Intelligence can be defined as "The aggregate or global capacity to act purposefully think rationally and deal effectively with the environment." Thus intelligence helps define ones action in a given situation. Intelligence can be influenced by many factors, mainly being the nature and environmental. The natural factor consists of the inborn tendencies and genetics that show that a part of intelligence is inherited. The nurture consists of environment and socio economic factors that contribute towards ones intelligence. The issue of nature versus nurture has been constantly debated over in terms of intelligence. Over the years, the pendulum of intelligence has been swinging from nature to nurture determining them to be an independent factor for one 's intelligence. However this pendulum is seen to be coming to a standstill forming a theory which supports both the nature and nurture and their contributions towards one’s cognitive abilities and intelligence. NATURE AND INTELLIGENCE Over years of study it is has been observed how a part of intelligence is heritable in nature. Heritability being an estimate of the size of the genetic effect (Dunn and Plomin, 1990; Collier, 2008) In the field of Behavioral genetics, Studies on monozygotic and dizogotic twins have shown that monozygotic twins have a variance of 0.64 to 0.74, assuming that there is no environmental
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