Ahmose's Contribution To The Establishment Of The Egyptian Empire

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v The establishment of the Egyptian Empire was due to a combination of various factors, originating in the establishment of the New Kingdom. Through the creation of various military and political relations by the Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty, Egypt was able to expand & prosper leading to the establishment of a vast empire in the ‘Golden Age’ of Egyptian history. Egypt had exploited Nubian for resources such as gold since the Old Kingdom, yet expansion of empire into Nubia wasn’t seen as a political and economical necessity until the New Kingdom. Expansion into Nubia politically protected Egypt’s southern borders from further threat, economically it meant safe trade routes and access to further resources that would allow the empire to flourish. From the Middle Kingdom forth, Egypt had built fortresses along the Palestinian border of the Sinai Desert. This ensured protection of their Northern border as well as the establishment of extensive trade routes that would aid economic stability and allow for further expansion North. Ahmose’s expulsion of the Hyksos not only created both the 18th Dynasty and New Kingdom, but lead to a new age of militarism with a succession of ‘warrior pharaohs’. His invasion of the Hyksos territory paved the way for Egypt’s northern expansion, with his conquest of Nubian Hyksos allies at Buhen allowing for expansion south. Evidence of Ahmose’s reign initiating expansion and early stages of the empire comes from the Biography of Ahmose son of

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