The Inherent Ethical Dilemma Of A Company

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The inherent ethical dilemma that presents itself in this case is whether or not it is ethical to cut corners to make a profit. The management is aware of the issue, yet continues to allow the defective drives to be sold in order to attempt to appease the company’s new CEO. Is it ethical for a company to sell a defective product in order to avoid loss?

The obvious IT component that lends itself to the circumstances of this case takes the form of the defective Hard Drives. However, there are many other possible IT components playing a role in the background. Such components would include an inventory management system and a defect management system, alongside App and Database servers respectively to allow these systems to function properly. Other IT components at work may include a CRM system for ensuring customer satisfaction, a POS system, possibly including hardware such as scanners for sales and returns. Desktops and laptops may also be in use by employees of the company, as well as an Intranet and Extranet to share and access information on those machines.

One critical stakeholder in the case is the CEO of PrimeDrive, Mr. Stokes. An important right for him as the head of the company is the right to use his business to generate a profit and run the business as he sees fit. Another stakeholder are the managers of PrimeDrive, who have the right to manage their departments as they envisioned. The consumers are also a critical stakeholder who have the right to receive
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