The Inquiry Question

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2.1 The Inquiry Question

What is your inquiry question and how does it relate to the improved learning of your students?

My question for Inquiry is:
How can I differentiate Mathematics in order to support and extend students?’

By differentiating the numeracy program, all students’ needs will be targeted by exposing students to outcomes and activities, which are achievable and challenging for students. The focus learning area for each lesson and group of learners will be tailored to suit the individual learning needs of the students as will the set tasks associated with the learning focus. Students will be supported by the class teacher and the strategies put in place within each lesson. The purpose of differentiating is to engage students within both instruction and learning in the classroom (The Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat, 2008). …show more content…

The effective practice I observed that will help with my own project and future teaching was seeing a very traditional style of lesson, that amalgamated modern practice of short mini lessons inside of a traditional style of Math classroom.

What impact has this project had on teaching and learning?

It was valuable to see an experienced and leading teacher at the school using a concise learning intention for the students. They understood what the framework for their success would be defined as and thus they could work towards this goal.

What impact has this project had on teaching and learning?

The main impact this lesson had on my project was seeing tasks set that catered for each student. For example one expectation was for the students to choose their own question to answer from a range of different questions that all varied in complexity and difficulty, and to answer them in four different ways. I will attempt to use this style of challenging my students into future lessons.

2.2.1 Talking to colleagues (minimum 2)

July 2017
Teacher Involved: Julie

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