The Intense Debate Over Cloning

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Technology has enabled people to realize many things their ancestors would not have even dreamed of. Cloning is absolutely one of them. Having identical twins without being born on the same they is like a dream come true. But what is cloning exactly? Cloning ,particularly in biotechnology, is the process used to create copies of DNA fragment, cells, or organisms. Attempts at cloning might go back to much earlier times such as the attempt made by Hans Dreisch in the late 1800’s to clone a sea urchin, but it was not until 1951, when the first successful clone of frog egg was created, that goal was finally achieved. Still, the world had to wait for another 44 years before the first mammal was cloned. It was certainly sensational when the first cloned mammal, a sheep named Dolly was born on 5th July 1996. Since it was a milestone in human story, Dolly gained a world-wide fame overnight and took its place in the front pages of many newspapers and even tabloids next to celebrities. However, there is a painful twist to this otherwise happy story because the death of Dolly at the age of six brought about an intense debate particularly about the ethical side of cloning and it has been a controversial issue ever since. Despite of all the debate it has caused among
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