The Internet And Its Effect On Society

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In the time it takes a person to read this sentence 684,478 pieces of content will be shared on Facebook, 100,000 people will tweet, hundreds of thousands more will “like” an Instagram photo…and that’s if they read very quickly (Marrouat). Today, many people use the Internet for everything. The internet has many benefits, anyone that has a computer with internet can find any information and can even add to it. That’s why the Internet is known as the collected knowledge of millions of people. The most popular tool of the Internet though, is its way for socialization. Socialization is referring to the way people communicate and how they do it. There are places where people can go to get in contact or stay in contact with others and places where people go to talk about their interests. Facebook is an example of a place where people can socialize and talk with friends and acquaintances or even join chat rooms. The internet is drastically changing the way people communicate and interact with each other. Because of this dependence on the Internet, our relationships with other people are diminishing. There are many different ways that humans interact together. The way most of America interacts is over Social Media. There are many problems involved with this. Relationships with people all around the world are weakening. Social Media today means that people can find acquaintances to be their “friend” on Facebook or to be their “follower” on twitter and many other names that people
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