The Internet And Its Effect On Society

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In the 21st century, many things that were not thought about in previous generations take up large portions of our time. Point in case, the Internet is an aspect of the 21st century that had no place in previous generations, yet occupies a percentage of time nowadays. The Internet has many positive features, yet numerous, less known harmful effects on society, affecting different age groups and parts of the population in different ways. The Internet is predominantly a catalyst for communication; communication that would otherwise have been extremely difficult or impossible to initiate. The Internet helps people stay connected to friends and family, which as a byproduct, helps people maintain positive relationships. (O’ Keefe et al. 801). Going further, the Internet helps people make new friends they otherwise would not have encountered in their lives (O’ Keefe et al. 801). Beyond personal relationships, however, the Internet is also extremely useful in making business connections (Moore Flounders 11). Hiring opportunities, employment opportunities, networking, and the ability to market oneself are just some of the business opportunities available through the use of the Internet. “Every day, people make connections on social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, and on professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Jobster” (Moore, Flounders 9). However, the Internet also has a dark side, which ironically, also comes from its most useful feature:

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