The Internet And Its Impact On Business

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he Internet and Web has left a retail presence that many store-based retailers are now discovering before it becomes to late. The internet has generated sales for retailers to where it can solely be used as the main source of revenue for the business. The companies who have established a store location for its goods and services are developing ways to explore and expand its retailer business to the Web to increase its revenue. The Web has also allowed companies to expand its business geographically to other states in America and to the other countries outside of America. An American company located in Richmond, Virginia can now sell millions of dollars worth of products to customers in the UK, Japan and Brazil. I’ve bought several clothing…show more content…
The Web has the ability to promote products and fully explain and demonstrate their features (Berman, 2013, p. 147). Consumers sitting in their home can learn just as much as looking and learning about the product as the consumer that decides to go to the physical store to view the products. There are times when going to the an actual store and the employees won’t know the products features fully because the product is new, so the employees haven 't learn everything about the product yet. Furthermore, the Web has become more personable than employees at locations because the Web allows consumers to click on a wide range of topics and information the consumer is interested in. The Web can also communicate more fully and sometime more effectively than an employee at a company. The Web is also capable of offering and providing promotions and coupons to customers who either qualify or simply would like the coupon for future use. When a retailer is actively selling goods and services online it must at the same time interactive and provide superior customer service to consumers. If the retailer develops a store-based and a web-based than the retailer chances of financial growth will be higher than if the retailer only developed a store-based or web-based stores. Customers are looking for certain factors to
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