The Intervention First Begins With The Singtel Sales Representatives

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The intervention first begins with the Singtel sales representatives to attend a two-day employees’ forum for three reasons. Firstly, it is a platform for employees to air out their grievances and explain further their dissatisfaction with the company which was not stated in the survey results. Secondly, to communicate the changes that the organisation will be undergoing. Studies have indicated that employees play a significant role in the success rate of change and may be resistant to the changes if not forewarned (Shin, Taylor & Seo, 2012).
Besides reducing resistance, communicating the organisational changes increases employee motivation as it allows employees a personal stake in the process (Gilley, Dixon & Gilley, 2008). Employees
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Furthermore, a realistic viewpoint of job analysis assures maximal congruence between job content and job context (Safdar et al., 2010), promoting job satisfaction and retention.
The third step ensuing the redesign of the job analysis is to ensure that employees are provided with the relevant training and development to be aligned with the new job description. In addition, sales representatives must be equipped with the proper skills that aids them in their daily sales operation such as handling customers’ complaints and basic psychology on body language (Kyoon Yoo & Park, 2007). To ensure successful learning experience for the employees, courses needs to be well-designed and attainable, with the support of qualified trainers (Choo & Bowley, 2007). With the training and development given to the employees, it can be suggested that there will be high quality customer service.
In a study conducted by Kyonn Yoo and Ah Park (2007), employee training was found to be statistically significant, indicating the relationship between training and efficient service processes and outcomes. It is highly applicable to the Singtel sales employees as they do not purely manage sales, but they are required to provide services to the customers. Relevant courses in leadership, skill, performance management and development process
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