The Intervention Program Is A Treatment Intervention

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TYPE OF PROGRAM: This intervention program is a treatment intervention. With anxiety disorder, it is better to have treated the disorder rather than prevent it. Through treatment and intervention, the child with anxiety disorder will be able to overcome future struggles and stress. Even though prevention program is designed to prevent anxiety disorder to occur, anxiety disorder has several factors and causes, which makes it extremely difficult to cover all the vulnerabilities of anxiety disorder. Biological, psychological, and social factors strengthen anxiety’s vulnerabilities. Biological factors comprise of one’s body adaptive reaction and response, genetic predisposition, existing mental disorder, personality types. Psychological …show more content…

What if I look stupid? What if I embarrass myself? I should better not go.” With that specific cognition, child A’s emotions are worried and anxious. In effect, negative and odd cognitions lead to one’s emotions to become worried and anxious, thus the child is being limited. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy consists of two components, which are cognitive and behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy emphasizes how one’s negative perceptions and cognitive thinking portrays onto one’s environment. Behavioral therapy accesses one’s behavior and emotion from one’s reaction to anxiety’s triggers (Bubrick, 2017). CBT can be modeled with the help of my Biopsychosocial model for anxiety disorder. Cognitive therapy addresses the psychological factors, specifically perceived control and cognitions (cognitive appraisals and cognitive distortions); in addition to, social environmental factors, specifically stressful situations and peer groups. Behavioral therapy addresses the biological factors, specifically one’s body’s adaptive reaction and response to stressful environment, and “personality type”. Through the practice of CBT, anxiety disorder vulnerabilities will be reduced.
PARTICIPANTS: For this treatment intervention program, it is best to use random sampling of 200 children. This program will consist of two groups: 100 children with anxiety disorder and 100 children without anxiety disorder (control group). A sample of 200 children will be selected through random

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