The Invention Of The Light Globe

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The Light Globe, since its early invention, has quickly become one of the basic essentials of the modern technological world we know of today. The multiple sources that are credited for the creation of this fundamental force have made a major breakthrough in the way we as humans perceive our society and how it works. Nowadays, we must acknowledge the basic element that is light, the agent that stimulates sight and allows visibility, and not take the invention of the light globe for granted. In this essay, I will be outlining the contributing factors such as the Inventors, When, Where and How the Light Globe was created, What problems this invention solved and the Impacts on the Economy, the people living throughout the Industrial Revolution, the Impacts on the existing industries and the long term effects of the invention of the Light Globe. There are a various range of inventors that assisted in the creation of the Light Globe. Although, many sources only worked with small aspects such as electric batteries, lamps and developed the bulbs. The first contributing inventor was Alessandro Volta, an Italian scientist, who invented the electric battery which was capable of generating flowing electricity through a circuit. The next was Humphry Davy who created the first Electric Light Globe, also known as the Arc Light, in 1809. He connected two wires to a battery and a charcoal strip which resulted in the bulb to glow. Next, was Hans Christian Oested, a Danish scientist, who made

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