The Is Not An Interstate War

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In order to test this hypothesis properly, multiple steps and measures needed to be taken to ensure the data procured was not only accurate but also pertinent to the study. The first of these steps was to establish a standardized definition of what actually determines what is and what is not an interstate war. In this study, an interstate war is classified as being a conflict between two or more states in which at least one thousand battlefield deaths occur. It should also be noted that at least one hundred of these deaths must be incurred by each state that is participating in the conflict. This helps to differentiate war from other violent acts such as massacres or genocides. Once this definition for war was decided on, it was then time…show more content…
After this “master list” of sorts had been obtained, it was finally time to actually determine whether or not it was younger or older states which were more or less likely to participate in interstate conflict. This particular step was done by examining each war and cataloguing each state that participated in a specific war and then recording the age of the state when they fought in the conflict. In this study, a state’s age is defined by the most current year in which a state enjoyed its sovereign status prior to participating in the international conflict being catalogued. For example, in the case the United States of America it was the date its current constitution was enacted rather than its claim for independence. Due to this definition, the date used for the United States of America was 1789 rather than 1776. This system of defining state ages became paramount in its importance while collecting and cataloging information on states that had to rebuild themselves after World War II as a result of Nazi occupation. From here, the final steps of the study, in terms of data collection, was to organize these states by their ages when they participated in any of the listed conflicts. This was done by placing each country in intervals of ten years and went up to one hundred years. Any states that were older than one hundred years were placed in one group. Also it should be mentioned that in this study a “young” state is defined by being
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