The Is The American Dream? Essay

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To go from something to nothing is the American Dream. No where else on the planet is it possible for any man to wake up, gather himself, and begin a daily pursuit of excellence. The United States does not subject her citizens to oppression, a defined class system, or a limit to one’s potential. There is no supreme leader demanding complete submission and no government entity funneling the populace’s wealth for a centralized, undisclosed reason. Rather, America boasts the image of the self-made, autonomous entrepreneur. Through hard work and dedication, any person can achieve limitless success despite current financial status. It is for this reason that many illegal immigrants are willing to risk everything for themselves and their families. There is but one, simple thing standing between the land of opportunity and any man, and that is the written consent of Uncle Sam himself. All of America’s wondrous aspects and ideals may seem too good to be true, and for many, they will be no more than a dream. For others, the allure is too great, despite legality. It is those who are willing to outstep legal boundaries that pose as a serious threat to the American economy and all the good that accompanies it. As a nation rooted in immigration, America has thrived on the aspirations of greatness, both foreign and domestic. However, despite the desire for everyone to have a chance at a better life for themselves and their family, not everyone can become a legal resident. But this fact
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