The Issue Of Animal Welfare

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Nobody can ignore the pain and suffering of another without feeling some type of sympathy and or guilt. This is why when presenting the issue of animal welfare, most if not all will lean toward the humane treatment of livestock. However, there is nothing humane about skinning, chopping up, and serving a living creature to other living creature. Agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can’t fret over mental and physical conditions of the animals if they have to focus on feeding over 320 million people in the U.S.. There are a concrete set of principles that enables companies to produce food in any manner that will guarantee mass production of safe (edible) food at a low cost, with no concern on what conditions the livestock are in. This barrier protecting these companies would be difficult to amend without igniting a series of issue of the structure of our society.
Throughout history, technological innovations in agriculture has been almost a direct effect of increase in human population. However, in the past we never had to put some sort of ruling in place to justify how we farm our livestock and obtain food. Farmers have recently found a new innovation in agriculture technology that involves modifying the genetics of an animal. This process is profitable for the production companies, but are harmful towards animals and at sometimes harmful to the consumer. This technology brings a whole new meaning to the use of artificial selection. Both the
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