The Issue Of Anthropogenic Climate Change

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Is mankind going to willingly make life on Earth miserable for the next generation? Our climate is changing due to humanity’s irresponsible actions, and many are just living their lives as if nothing is going on. The issue of anthropogenic, or human caused climate change has arose due to the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Of these, Carbon dioxide is a huge culprit in anthropogenic climate change, as humans produce incredible amounts of it through environmentally irresponsible machines. Also, the issue of anthropogenic climate change is becoming a political issue, with the main argument being over regulation of businesses to reduce carbon output. Whether humans are politically active or not, they need to realize that anthropogenic climate change is a real issue and begin to fix it. To realize that the issue of anthropogenic climate change is true and begin to fix it, the population of Earth must understand the evidence of the crisis, the effects of the crisis, and how it can be fixed. There is undeniable proof of anthropogenic climate change. We are only contributing to the issue, despite having known about the issue of anthropogenic climate change for years. According to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, The atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are rising, causing climate change to worsen. According to NASA, the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere were at 400.57 Parts Per Million in August, with the level in
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