The Issue Of Global Warming

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Motorised vehicles have been the mainstay of transportation for the past 200 years or so, and we cannot imagine a world without such a reliable machine, however, the pressing issue of global warming has become relevant for these vehicles and for the wider population on an international scale. Oil is the main source of energy in the world, we call it petrol, but this source of fuel is not reliable nor is it environmentally stable for future use. It is stated by Barrett and Worden (2016), that the burning of fossil fuels produces around 21.3 Giga tons of CO2 every year. Taking into account the natural processes of plant life, that can only absorb half of those emissions the world creates, in which on average creates a net worth of…show more content…
Its properties have so much potential for reduced CO2 emissions and overall, being a clean fuel source, so why is their only 1% of the USA, using this for transportation fuel?( US Department of Energy, 2015). CNG is an odourless natural gas composed of hydrocarbons, predominately methane (CH4). At present it accounts for about a quarter of the USA’s energy usage and is commonly extracted from decomposition of organic matter such as landfills or livestock operations, however only one tenth of 1% is used for transportation fuel. The rest is used for other productions such as electricity or cooking appliances. Bio Diesel (Alternate Fuel) (B20 Combustion Equation) C19H36O2 + 27O2 19CO2 + 18H2O Biodiesel is also, an alternate fuel source for future development and its combustion results in low emission release as well as being one of the cleanest engines on the road. Biodiesel, also known as B20, is produced from manufacturing vegetable oils, animal fats and recycled restaurant grease. It is thought to provide a cleaner burning replacement for petroleum diesel fuel. This is so as the use of biodiesel reduces greenhouse emissions, by offsetting the amount of CO2 released, due to the absorption of soybeans in the manufacturing process. Transportation and storage comparison (CNG, B20) CNG is stored on board in a compressed gaseous state within
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