The Issue Of Ec Law

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the social chapter has been the most contentious topic of EC law since its implementation in British law. Working time directive (Henceforth WTD) is a part of EU social and employment policy confined in a separate treaty Following the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties. These legalization was claimed to have been closely related to The Single Market /It is established that the objective to impose this social chapter is to have an effective single market where workers get same treatment within the EU. The UK has seen to be the most skeptical member in regards to the social chapter. However, these expansions have led to the controversial debate between member states and EU. Particularly the extent of EU’s social objectives has been the topic of debate for a long time. Amongst the social chapter rules, Wtd is given top priority by the British government which they seek to reform. On the other hand there’s chain of support on the contrary. This essay attempts to determine the extent to which the wtd has affected specially the UK and thereby asses if the muss attention is justifiable.
/ This research attempts to clarify the extent to which the directive has effected the UK and to see if perhaps the claim is somewhat extravagant as far as the WTD is concerned in British labour market
The directive was initially adopted by the EU Council of Ministers on 23 November 1993, requiring all member states to implement it within two years of the initial adaptation . being a…
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