The Issue Of Global Warming

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Most Americans would agree that global warming is a real threat to our planet, and that implementing alternative energy sources is a major step to combating the effects of it. Yet, only 4% of American homeowners have residential solar panels installed, and only 40% have even considered the option (6). It is a widespread myth that solar panels are only for the rich, and should be considered a luxury. While It turns out that solar panels have become increasingly affordable for the middle class over the past decade, with the White House announcing several policies to ensure so (2). And if solar panels are not the right choice for you due to living space or economic position, there are other alternative energy systems out there worth…show more content…
There were also some specific decisions that I made regarding the aesthetic design of the brochure. When it came to color I chose bright eye-catching colors that will make my brochure stand out from others on a large display. There is a lot of green on the brochure for the obvious symbolism of being eco-friendly. Another touch that I added was putting in bold and increased font size the potential money to be saved by any of the given systems, to grab the attention of viewers. In the research I did prior to creating my product I read a lot about the current state of the alternative energy switch in America, and why it seems to of stalled. I think every homeowner should know of this information and understand why it is important that we keep pushing forward these new energy systems, and that’s why it’s the first thing I discuss on my brochure. From the very beginning when global warming was first becoming a national discussion, goals were set for renewable energy sources. Such as Al Gore’s 100% renewable electricity by 2020 target (5). As America gets closer to these deadlines and realizes that we are nowhere close to reaching our goals it is quite disheartening, and this has caused a slump in the energy switch. The blame has to be partially put on those who created the unrealistic goals in the first place. “It 's taken between 50 and 70 years for a resource to reach a large penetration. When you look at the money,

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