The Issue Of Gun Control

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[There should only be three gun per house hold ]: [Subtitle] First I think Molly Ivins is wrong when she say get rid of guns. What she don’t realize there will still be violence in the united states of America gun are not the problem the people that own the gun is the problem. Secondly some people buy gun to fell safe just think about a woman that has three kids and she live on her on what should she go out and buy the protect her family and make sure that they are safe. Third people love gun because guns make people think twice about breaking into there house are bothering the person who own a gun When she say get a knife, Get a Dog, But get rid of guns. Fourth at the same time she should do more research because dog kill people and knife kill people to so I don’t get where she is try to go with that. I just think gun are not the biggest issues violence is the biggest issues because if you take gun always people will still find something to replace the gun. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which concerns the right to bear arms. I believe in the second amendment, but I think they should add information to the second amendment to aloud no more than three guns per household. That should be enough for one household to keep there family safe and out of harm 's way. Most Americans may argue against the three gun per household some will say that they need more gun in there house.Many American love the second amendment because it gives them the right to buy as many

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