The Issue Of Gun Control

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On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Christopher Harper-Mercer, a 26 year old student who was armed with six guns, killed nine people in Umpqua Community College in Oregon. According to a report released by the F.B.I., mass shootings in the United States have risen drastically since 2000. Also, studies show that countries with higher rates of gun ownership have more mass shootings, an incident involves more than four victims of gun violence, but not include gang violence. The United States has 5% of the global population, but has the most population with people who own firearms. Because some people own multiple weapons; therefore, on average, there are about 89% of the U.S resident own guns, which also have 31% of mass shootings during 1966 to 2012. Gun control is a controversial issue that the people in the United States argue about. Some people want stricter gun laws for a safer environment, while others want to own guns for recreational or self-defense purposes. To find out if restricting people’s rights to own firearms will minimize the number of the mass shootings in the United States, I conducted some research with my group mates. Based on the news articles and scholarly articles, we found that restricting people’s rights to own guns can reduce the number of mass shootings, but not by much, because people who commit mass shootings will obtain the weapons illegally. More than half of mass shooters used assault weapons and high-capacity magazines when they committed the

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