The Issue Of Sex Act

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It is apparent that sex is for sale, and historically there has not been anything the United States government can do to stop it. There is thought that regulation of the trade might not be too off in the future. No matter what type of sex act is being sold, street prostitution, brothels, escort services, phone sex are all are considered illegal. Prostitution will always exist, it seems more responsible to supervise it instead shoving it underground and pretending it does not exist.
In 1792 fewer than 700 men settled in the colony of New Orleans. The French government sent women by ship, hoping the women they sent over would refrain these men from having sex with the American Native females (Grant). However, the plan had backfired
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As the years passed, “Prostitution became rampant, an 1870 census showed 61 present of the 3536 Chinese women in California had their names listed as prostitutes” (Sridharan). Also, the same year Congress passed the Naturalization Act, which barred Chinese from obtaining United States citizenship. Chinese and Japanese men must show evidence supporting the morality of their wives (or soon to be wives). Chinese women in the United States were perceived as prostitutes and as such, a threat to the nation 's physical and moral well-being. Once again government stepped in and did their best to shut it down without making it illegal.
Between the industrialization of the 1800s and the post-World War II Women’s Rights Movement, women with few occupational options often made the difficult choice and became prostitutes. For the most part, women voluntarily joined this profession, since they saw prostitution as a temporary solution to an economic problem. When it was apparent to the War Department and the Surgeon General self- restraint and the possibility of venereal disease did not hinder the sex trade Congress passed “The May Act”. This sanctioned the closing of brothels and houses of prostitution near military bases. Men were willing to take the chance when women were available and could provide a service they wanted. Prostitution can be driven away underground, but it is still going to be around.
Each adult should simply have the right to charge for services
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