The Issue Of The Unification Of Korea

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My mother told me that when she was an element school student, she used to learn that South Korea and North Korea should unite. Her and her friends learned, sang a song, and drew a poster about unification. However, as the time passes, the nation questioned themselves if the unification is really necessary. Instead of blindly praising the possibility of the unification, people in modern days started to debate rather it is essential for both Korea to be united. Even though there are many pros and cons of the unification, as being a quarter “North Korean,” I believe in the unification of Korea.

To talk about why Korea is currently divided into two nations, it goes up to August 1945, when Japan ended their colonization on Korea. Despite of the happiness of the independence, three years later in 1948, the country was divided into two nations by the 38th parallel which was a boundary between Soviet and American occupation zones. The boundary kept the north part of the Korea democratic and south part of the Korea republic. Difference of the government policy banded people from the communication. Then, on the one of those peaceful Sunday early in the morning, 1950, June 25th, people in the south part of the Korea heard a huge sound of bomb while in a sleep. When they peaked out their window, all they saw was chaos of their neighbors running around their home village that was on a fire. It was the day of the outbreak of the Korean War. Under the Soviet’s order, the North Korean

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