The Issue Of Value Of Abortion

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A Question of Value
What determines value? Is it only a matter of how profitable or useful something is? It may be tempting to answer yes to that question, but the answer is entirely incorrect. Does a person value her own life? Of course she does. It does not matter if her life appears to be useful or profitable. It does not matter that the force keeping her alive may not be a part of her physical reality. She is alive, her life is valued, and an unborn child is no different. Abortion is murder and should be put to an end now.
Although one may call an unborn child useless, or out of touch with physical reality, it would be a ghastly mistake to say that an unborn child’s life is of no value. This is type of message that abortion is portraying in society. The word abortion means deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Additionally, the evil of abortion has a negative impact on the quality of the mother’s life thus, diminishing her value as well. It can be said that abortion is a direct insult to the value of the lives of every person in this country. It leads to a culture of people who are twisted on destroying human life. While there are several difficult situations that may lead a mother to consider abortion, the value of human life is not situational; therefore, human abortion must be abolished. Abortion insults the value of life of a child. It has been scientifically proven that life starts at the moment of conception (Shea). There has to be a reason why the

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