The Issues Of Men And Women

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In this essay I would like to address the issues that men and women face in the workplace. I will first address the research and opinions of various authors with regard to the problems that men and women face in the workplace and then I will address the solutions that each author presents so that men and women can communicate more effectively in the workplace in order to get the job done without any issues or misunderstanding. The various sources that I will make use of in this essay are Berit Waschatz (2012) and his essay “Relationships Gender talk in the office”, Elizabeth Janice (1995) and her essay “Bridging the Gender Gap”, Janice Aernofsky (1999) and her essay “How to Narrow the Gender Gap”, Jane Sanders (1995) and her essay “Communicating Effectively at Work”, the essay “How to Communicate with the Other Gender at Work” (2011) which quotes from Jane Sanders essay “Influencing Up! Communication Tips for Men & Women”. As stated before all of these essays address the issues involved between men and women in the workplace and offer up their own solutions to these problems. Some of them agree with one another and others do not but they are all interested in how to make communication between both men and women more effective and understanding to make for a better workplace for today and future generations. The talents of both men and women are important to the development of a world filled with creativity and progressive business practices that are important to both
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