The Issues That Can Affect Children

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There are many issues that can affect children, some of them are listed below: • Exam and study stress • Child development issues for example puberty • Lack of Confidence caused by natural shyness or life experiences. • Low Self Esteem e.g. self doubt, lack of assertiveness, negative beliefs, sensitivity. • Phobias and fears • Bereavement- and loss • Parent 's divorce or any other kind of changes in home life can also cause disruption to an ordinarily balanced emotional state. • Parental malfunction which may be caused by illness, substance abuse, depression or anxiety. • Self harm due to depression • Adoption and/or fostering issues • Bullying or abuse • Trauma, example could be an accident, environmental trauma or migration etc.. •…show more content…
Session 1 The counsellor had a session with the mother to assess the child and set goals. Session 2 The child and mother came together for the first half of the session where rapport was established with the child using play therapy and sand therapy. Session 3 Tony presented as a high functioning boy who enjoyed computer games. He also had an active imagination. It also became obvious that the nightmares began after being exposed to a graphic animation in his computer games about being killed and hurt. The anxiety around the nightmares made the client hyper vigilant at bedtime, with noises, shadows and shapes. This was the focus of the session. Using reframing techniques the counsellor worked on changing the threatening characters in his computer games to protecting characters. Also, EFT techniques (emotional freedom tapping) were used to reduce the fear. 1) What other therapies would you use to help Tony get over his nightmares and fears? 2) What other issues do you think are affecting Tony emotionally and how would you deal with them? Case study 2: Presentation: Muhammad a 12 year old was the middle child. He had a younger sister aged 10 and a brother aged 5 years old. His parents were both busy full time working parents. They often used TV, computers, computer games to occupy their children. Muhammad was quiet by nature, he did not have many friends, he spent most of his time on the computer. He had just started high school and was
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