The Italian People, Culture and Cities in Movies, Questions and Answers

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(1) How do the films discussed link the concepts of ‚crime’ and ‚travelling’? What makes travelling such an interesting phenomenon within the crime genre? Please also refer to the narrative structure of crime films. Travelling has used to be an activity that entirely differs from our everyday life, an escape in order to find authenticity. Travelling forces people from their comfort zones and lead to new emotions, new actions, new perceptions, acquired through the prism of another reality. For a long time it has been a privilege available only for a group of eligible. Not surprisingly, the idea of interconnectivity between “crime” and “travelling” is highly exploited in the movie industry exposing the gap between expectations and reality, between dream world and real world. Both the notion of crime and travelling are built around the idea of observing spaces and places, people and their actions with the possibility of expectations being destroyed at any moment. Often tourists try to plan their trips with the smallest details to avoid any unpredictable situation, especially nowadays in the time of the easy accessible images and reviews about destinations. They are very persistent in their attempts to establish an order on a world. Crime stories are also concerned with this idea. The most thrilling effect in movies can be achieved by putting crime and travelling into one story. When touristic stereotypes are destroyed, anticipated actions are not performed, seeming strong
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