The Japanese American Citizens League

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The Japanese American Citizens League, also known by the acronym JACL, is a Nisei organization founded in 1929 with the initial goal of lobbying for Japanese-American Civil Rights while promoting the integration of citizens into American culture. Since its inception the JACL has expanded its mandate to focus on lobbying for the Civil Rights of all Asian-American citizens and protecting Japanese-American cultural heritage. The JACL is considered one of the oldest and one of the most influential national organizations promoting social justice and equality throughout the country. The actions of the JACL have frequently been shaped by and frame in response to varying historical events as well as both public prejudice and political attitudes. As a result, the organization has, at times, been both critiqued by the Asian-American community for its support of racist government policies and praised for its opposition of legislative discrimination. In particular the organization has been criticized for its complacency during World War Two (1939-1945) with the federal government 's discriminatory internment of Japanese-American citizens. The origins of the JACL reside in the large number of Asian immigrants into the United States at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century who typically took up residence in the regions along the American west coast. Despite being earnest labourers, entrepreneurs, and American citizens those of Asian ancestry where

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