The Job of a Real Estate Agent

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Real Estate Have you ever had those days when all you think about is your future? Do you ever think about what your life is going to be like and what your career will be? Many people decide they are going to be real estate agents. There are several things that affect how your career will turn out. Some examples are location, education, and knowledge. Your behavior and past will also factor into how well you will do the job and if you’re fit for it. Being a real estate agent can be both challenging and rewarding. Overview Realtors have many different jobs. They have a wide variety of things they do on a daily basis. Realtors visit houses to evaluate the property before showing them to potential buyers (“Real Estate Sales Agents” from, 1). They also locate undeveloped areas that are good spots for building (1). Once they sell property to clients, they contact utilities for service to the clients’ property (1). Before selling property, they discuss plans for new construction and obtain and make listings of available properties for sale or for rent (1). “[Realtors] advise clients on market conditions, prices, and mortgages” (1). They research and find out things about the property that could change a client's opinion or help them with their specific situation (1). Real estate sales agents promote sales of houses through ads and open houses (1). They have to advertise in order to get people to notice the property and think about buying. They also present

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